• Brakes


Your vehicle’s brakes are one of the most important systems on your vehicle. From a simple brake pad change to a full diagnostic session on ABS and traction systems we are fully equipped to service your needs.

As many manufacturers require specialist tools to rewind electronic parking brakes just to change brake pads we have invested in industry-leading software to allow us to service the newest of vehicles. We are also online with most manufactures online service databases allowing us to log these changes with them to preserve any warranty and service history.

Also if your car develops an ABS or Traction control fault we can quickly diagnose and solve the issues. With more systems than ever such as TPMS and ACC relying on these systems to function an issue will quickly cause the car to show a multitude of lights on your dashboard. Our Bosch Diagnostics allows us to not only read the fault codes but also watch them in live time allowing diagnosis time to be faster and more reliable saving you money!

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